Features & Benefits

Cerkinetic™ is a bi-component ellipsoidal bearing device crafted from cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloy. Its external endplate surfaces are titanium plasma sprayed, encouraging bony in-growth and prompting rapid tenacious endplate fixation.

Cerkinetic’s kinematic profile faithfully reproduces all natural disc motion elements, including dynamic visco-elastic structure derived properties. Its range of motion is ±10° flexion/extension, ±8° lateral bending and ±8° axial rotation, as measured in-vitro.


Indicative Dimensions (mm)

Implanted Space &
Functional Spinal Unit (FSU) Benefits

  • Motion attenuation (dumping) throughout the entire 3D ROM – no end course mechanical impact
  • Maintenance and continuous adaptation of intervertebral and nerve root foraminae height
  • Balanced synchronization of facet joints avoids kinematic conflict with intervertebral disc in either motion or rest
  • Preservation of intervertebral surrounding structures – adjacent discs, facet joints and ligaments
  • Convenient accommodation of foraminal lumen and appropriate shifting of disc space height throughout entire ROM avoid foraminal stenosis
  • Preservation of natural translation throughout entire ROM in 3D motion and coupling


Spinal Continuum Benefits

  • Integration of treated intervertebral space within concatenated cervical spine continuum, in both dynamic and static schemes
  • Natural ratio in axio-lateral bending coupled motion
  • Continuous translational adaptation of cervical sagittal profile alignment within the spinal continuum
  • Integrated motion attenuation (dumping) throughout the concatenated cervical column in the entire 3D ROM

Bone Purchasing Benefits

  • Optimal fixation of endplates assured by external surfaces designed to provide non-migratory and non-subsidence support
  • External surfaces titanium sprayed to promote bone in-growth

Upper External Surface Configuration

  • Antero-posterior stepped levels of latero lateral concavity for excellent adaptation of implant to vertebral endplate
  • Tiered sagittal planes for effective lordosis and migration prevention

Lower External Surface Configuration

  • Rugged convexity surface designed for placement between uncusses
  • Large footprint, supported by both cancelous and cortical vertebral bony components, reproduces physiological loading stress